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Fossil pigments reveal the colors of ancient sea monsters
Marine fish use red biofluorescence to communicate, new research shows

The Red Sea: An ocean like all others, after all

Ancient dolphin-like marine reptile found
Deep sea isolation: Hyperline islands harbor unique life
Modern ocean acidification is outpacing ancient upheaval: Rate may be ten times faster

New ichthyosaur graveyard found

Sea slug provides new way of analyzing brain data
Twice the coral trout in Great Barrier Reef protected zones
New study investigates the environmental cues dolphins use to migrate on the Atlantic coast of North America
Scientists discover new reef system at mouth of Amazon River
Slowdown in Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation
Four newly discoverd marine species added to world list WoRMS every day
17 Million year old Whale Fossil found
Close-Up of Coral Bleaching Event
Anarctic Crabs May Be Native
Reef Check won Katerva Award
Deadly Jellyfish Weapons Unraveled
Weed-Eating Fish 'Help Protect Jobs, Livelihoods'
Higher Concentrations of Heavy Metals Found in Post-Oil Spill Oysters from Gulf of Mexico
Two new Stingray Species discovered
Five-Limbed Brittle Stars Move Bilaterally, Like People
Participation Important for Healthy Marine Parks
Jellyfish On the Rise in World's Coastal Ecosytems
World nations lift Egypt travel bans
PADI AWARE Divers succeeded in securing a win for sharks! 
Solar Powered Villages planned in Egypt
Eco-Tourism in Egypt
Coral Bleaching
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