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"Global survey of coral reef"
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Are you interested in marine biology?
Do you want to learn more about coral reefs?
Do you want to participate in a scientific research?

Then we need you !!

Join the Reef Check Program and help saving the reefs.

The coral reef crisis is global. If you care about coral reefs, than we need your help!
Reef Check Volunteer at work  
The coral reefs are called the "Rainforests of the sea", the 2nd highest biodiversity ecosystem on earth. Coral reefs provide food for million coastal people, are source of medicine, coastal protection from wave erosion and the source of islands and white beaches a major attraction for millions of tourists.
Reef Check is one solution to the coral reef crisis. With your help, we can save the reefs.
Reef Check is the world largest international coral reef monitoring program involving recreational divers and marine scientists.
Reef Check started in 1997 founded by the Institute of Environment of the University of California in Los Angeles. For the first time data were collected about the health of the global coral reefs.
Over 750 volunteer sport divers were trained and led by 100 volunteer scientists in surveys of more than 300 reefs in 32 countries. Today, over 1500 trained volunteer divers led by 160 scientists in 50 countries.
  Reef Check Volunteers 2001
You can be a part of it!
Reef Check Divers  
Reef Check goals are long-term monitoring of selected sites, to raise public awareness about value of coral reefs, threats to their health and solutions. Reef Check wants to build a network of monitoring and management teams and a synoptic assessment of human impacts on coral reefs. Most importantly, Reef Check provides the tools for local communities to manage and protect their coral reefs.
Reef check is easy and fun!
We are looking for divers with interest of learning more about marine life and who have fun to participate in easy to learn surveys at coral reefs.

The 3 days Reef Check Program includes:

* Eco-course & slide show presentation by marine biologist
* Special fun dives
* Experience scientific research by collecting field data & assembling/reviewing results
* Certification for all participants

Reef Check Dates Red Sea - Egypt
Date Location
4. - 20. May 2015 Tondoba Bay & Marsa Alam
17. - 30. September 2015 Tondoba Bay & Marsa Alam
any time upon request Egypt, Sudan & worldwide
We like to thank all those who have supported the program since its inception in 1997.
You are Reef Check!
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