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Daily Diving in Marsa Alam Daily Diving in Marsa Alam

Diving at spectacular off shore reefs and untouched fringing reef of the southern Egyptian Red Sea far away from mass tourism. Explore the famous reefs and dive in Marsa Alam...

Dolphin Dive! Adventure Dive Dolphin Dive! - Adventure Dive

Dolphins have always inspired the imagination of mankind! Meet the intelligent mammals in their natural environment on our Dolphin Adventure Dive...

Adrenalin! Adventure Dive Adrenalin! - Adventure Dive

See sharks with different eyes! All divers who want to experience the mysterious hunters of the sea in their territory should join us on a Adrenalin! Adventure Dive...

  Get Wrecked! Adventure Dive   Get Wrecked! - Adventure Dive

Wrecks are mysterious! Dive down into the blue until the silhouette a huge wreck appears. Enjoy discovering the under water world in a different way. Get Wrecked!...

Amphora! Adventure Dive Amphora! - Adventure Dive

Dive at the historical and archaeological site of Tondoba Bay, an old Roman harbour. Explore the treasures of history and discover Amphora!...

BioDIVErsity! Adventure Dive BioDIVErsity! - Adventure Dive

Dive together with a professional Marine Biologist or Scientist. If you are searching for something special or a rare species since long time our specialists can help and show you the secrets of an exciting under water world. A new and very individual adventure dive, the BioDIVErsity! dive...

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